Valentine Rat

Yesterday, Ricky and I had a wonderful Valentine's Day, full of sushi and good movies. Around 11, I received an email from Blue Stone Siamese, a rattery specializing in Siamese rats in Glen Burnie, MD (right next to Ricky's hometown of Pasadena). We stumbled across the website about a month ago, and soon become interested in getting a companion for Luffy from the rattery. Luckily, she had two females still available from a recent litter, Panya, a Siamese rex, and Shai-Nefer, a standard Siamese. I immediately fell for the rex and got myself on the waiting list. However, there were a few complications in adopting Panya and also a rattie from BHR (Blue Heaven Rattery) that went something like this:

1. BHR had first dibs on the rex if she was a blue point Siamese, so I had to wait and see if they would take her first. Meanwhile -
2. I was also on the waiting list for BHR's Justin/Taylor litter, hoping to get an American Blue girl. But -
3. Taylor was a week late, meaning a. very few babies or b. a false pregnancy, so while I straightened out the details on that
4. I waited to see what Panya's coloring would look like, eventually leading to
5. The email last night finally telling me she was available.

Yay! The world of ratteries.

If you would like to see baby Panya, or are interested in adopting from a future litter (which include Siamese dumbos as well) check out BSS's Myspace. If you're into blues, I would recommend looking at Blue Heaven Rattery's website.

And, as a plug for adopting rescues, SNR House of Rats (where we got Mimi and Xing Xing from) just got in a TON of adorable rescue babies. Check out their myspace as well.


Mr. Rattitude said...

Cong-RATS! It's great to read about happy rat endings.

It's a small world, too ... from to BSS Rattery, a member at ... come visit my rat-friendly forums.